Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hope TriumphsOver Experiences

Twenty four of them. Take that Dr Johnson.
After 24 failed marriages, a 49-year-old porter in eastern Nepal says that he has finally found happiness in his latest union.

....Ramchandra Katuwal, of Khandbari municipality in Sankhuwasava, and his wife recently celebrated their seventh wedding anniversary.

....He first got married when aged 26 at his home about 600km (373 miles) east of the capital, Kathmandu.

From then onwards his life veered from one disastrous marriage to another.

His first wife set a precedent followed by many of her successors: she eloped with her lover.
"My second wife also ran away," he said, "and the third one too.

From the succession of wives who came and went over a 16-year period, Mr Katuwal says that he can only remember nine of them clearly.

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