Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Bulls-eye!, Paul

This morning's scream is for Howard Dean:

It doesn't represent a turn to the left: Mr. Dean is squarely in the center of his party on issues like health care and national defense. Instead, Mr. Dean's political rejuvenation reflects the new ascendancy within the party of fighting moderates....

We couldn't agree more with the part about Dean being in the center of his party. Though the FLUBA Committee on Irony remembers when it was the conservatives who stood: athwart history, yelling Stop.

The Fighting (and kicking and screaming) Moderates are battling to remain forever in a part of the 20th century circa 1935-70. The Golden Age.

From the highland beyond the bridge to the 21st century, we raise a glass of champagne (not ditchwater), and say to Howard, Paul, Hillary, Nancy, Harry: Here's looking at you, kids.

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