Saturday, April 02, 2005

Turned Up During The Easter Egg Hunt?

King County (Washington State) continues to set new standards of ineptitude:

Long after it seemed there couldn't be any more surprises in the November governor's election, King County officials acknowledged yesterday they have found more uncounted ballots.

Over the past week, election workers have found 87 valid absentee ballots that had been left in their envelopes and not counted through three tallies of the closest statewide race in Washington history. The ballots were in archival boxes and were found when election workers were looking for something else.

....The discovery comes as lawyers for the state's political parties argue in court over whether Democratic Gov. Christine Gregoire's election was legitimate.

Gregoire defeated Republican Dino Rossi by 129 votes after a hand recount overturned the results of two machine counts that Rossi had won.

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