Thursday, July 20, 2006

A fool for a client...

...deserves a fool for a lawyer. Hugh Hewitt finds that Joe Wilson is getting what he's paying for with Duke Law School professor Erwin Chemerinsky:

HH: Please tell me you're getting paid, Erwin.

EC: I'm not. I'm doing this pro bono.

HH: Unbelievable. Now Erwin, of course it's all nonsense, and Joe Wilson...what are you going to do when he gets on the stand and people try and reconcile his eight different versions of what he said and did?

EC: Oh, I don't think there's eight different versions. I think we have an extremely strong case. Here's what we all know at this point. Joseph Wilson wrote an op-ed in the New York Times, in which he showed that there were falsehoods in President Bush's State of the Union address. As a result of that, the Vice President, his top aide, Lewis Libby, and the President's key political advisor, Karl Rove, decided to reveal that Valerie Plame was a secret CIA operative. They did so by telling journalists like Robert Novak this, and was reported by Robert Novak in a column published three weeks ago Friday.

The problem being that (1) Wilson himself had to admit to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence that he had not debunked the '16 words' in the 2003 SOTU.

And, (2) they did not decide to leak Valerie Plame's name to Robert Novak--someone else did that, and there is no evidence it was anything other than an inadvertent revelation that shed light on Wilson's deceitfulness in claiming he'd been sent by Dick Cheney to Niger.

This is a genuinely frivolous lawsuit, and Federal courts take a dim view of lawyers who file them.

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