Thursday, April 10, 2008

Let's Get Naked

They'll get paid only if they deliver:
It takes a bit of courage, and perhaps a lot of ego, to tell large companies that their ad campaigns have been failing miserably.

But that's exactly what the advertising firm Naked claims to do regularly.

"We get up in front of a group of agencies and tell them, very nicely, that they have wasted tens of millions of dollars," said Ben Richards, senior strategist at Naked New York.

For that advice, of course, Naked hopes to earn a chunk of the supposedly wasted money. ....

Unlike many ad agencies, Naked does not create ads or purchase the space for them from media companies. ....

Naked's success will, in part, be driven by the success of its clients. The firm often accepts part of its compensation based on whether its strategies translate into higher sales. That marks a dramatic departure from the typical pay model in advertising, which is based on producing ads or placing them in particular media.

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