Wednesday, May 07, 2008


His fault for not locking the garage:
It's never fun calling dad after crashing his car - but when you've just wrecked his prized Ferrari you can bet you're in for an earful.

A Melbourne man had to make that call on Saturday night after destroying the front end of his father's Italian Stallion in a smash near Rod Laver Arena.

The front of the red sports car, which police said had been speeding, finished wrapped around a pole in the spectacular accident, which took place on Batman Avenue.

The car is an F360 Challenge Stradale, one of just 16 imported into Australia and New Zealand in 2004, with a price tag speeding past the $400,000 mark.

It was a very limited production version of the Ferrari F360 that was designed as a track car but could also be used on the road. The standard F360 F1 at the time was $396,000, and the Stradale was more than that and built to order.

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