Sunday, June 01, 2008

Praise the Lord...

and pass the 89 octane nozzle:
...unlike the customers rolling up to the station's pumps two weeks ago, resigned to the fact that their wallets were about to take a beating, Rocky Twyman and company had a plan to bring that number tumbling down.

They would ask God to do it.

"Our pockets are empty, but we're going to hold onto God!" Twyman, a community organizer from Rockville, Md., said as he and seven other people formed a semicircle, held hands and sang, pleading for divine intervention to lower fuel prices.

It was the latest demonstration by Twyman's movement, Pray at the Pump, which began in April. Since then, he has held group prayers at gas stations as far away as San Francisco, garnering international media attention and claiming success in at least a few cases.

Now that Barack Obama is looking for a new's What's Happenin' Now

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