Thursday, July 31, 2008

Horse Sense

For the equestrian for whom money is no object:
The £40,000 virtual reality riding machine combines a mechanical horse with a host of electronic sensors and a screen, to recreate the joys of an outdoor ride without the need for mucking out.

The Ridemaster Pro, which is made by Racewood Simulators, is proving a hit with those who live in cities or who want to ride but don't want to brave the elements.

Designer and company managing director Bill Greenwood said: "Private individuals buy them who don't have space for a horse in central London.

...."We also sell to Scandinavian countries where the weather is miserable and raining and to Dubai where it's 40 degrees centigrade and too hot to ride."

Racewood Simulators, based in the village Tarporley, Cheshire, says the Ridemaster Pro simulates a real 15.2 hands high (5ft 2ins), medium-build horse.

The 'horse' is described as being perfectly schooled and capable of doing advanced movements such as 'medium trot, medium canter, lateral work and rein back'.

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