Thursday, September 11, 2008

Why oh why can't we have a better press corps...

From which Sarah can hide?
I would have thought that a vice presidential candidate who is hiding from reporters and whose first speech had included a huge whopping lie--her claim to have opposed the so-called "Bridge to Nowhere"--cannot be a success: the vulnerabilities Palin creates were unnecessary and could have been avoided with the least attention to vetting. Such a decision as McCain's decision to anoint the unvetted Sarah Palin cannot be vindicated any more than a decision to play a round of Russian Roulette can be vindicated.

Well, we would say that if Obama has lost long-time Semi-Daily Journal commenter--and loyal Democrat--anne...he can't be a success. For instance:
The wonder of how a woman is changing the nature of American politics, causing selected Democrats who were only pounding another woman, a Democrat, a month ago to become frantic beyond Abbott and Costello. "Hey, Abbott." What a lone Republican woman has wrought.

Who could have dreamed of such woman power, first a Democratic woman, second a Republican woman?

I love it when men get so frantic.
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September 09, 2008 at 09:21 AM

September 9, 2008

Clinton Stumps for Obama, but With Little Fire at PalinBy PATRICK HEALY

Advisers to Barack Obama said Hillary Rodham Clinton was their best surrogate to counter the Republican ticket’s new drive to win over women.

[Oh, wondrous brave irony.]

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What odds are offered atTradesports on who will be the next commenter to be deleted by Professor DeLong?

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