Monday, July 02, 2007

Not Quite, Monsieur

You're new at this, aren't you:

French President Nicolas Sarkozy will fight for Europe to provide small- and medium-sized enterprises with conditions similar to those in the United States, he said Friday in Lyon.

"The Americans reserve 20 percent of their public contracts for SMEs," he told salaried workers at a company in the central French city.

"I don't accept unfair competition. There is no reason why the Americans have the right to do something that Europeans don't have the right to do."

....Economy Minister Christine Lagarde was with Sarkozy during his visit to two companies, and said they wanted to "develop a French-style Small Business Act" or SBA to help French companies.

....The US Small Business Act grants small and medium sized enterprises access to public contracts, which could amount to about "a trillion euros (1.35 trillion dollars) a year in Europe," Lagarde said.

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