Thursday, August 18, 2005

Oye Como Va

Black Magic Woman in Marin County?

A former personal assistant to rock star Carlos Santana and his wife, Deborah, says he was fired after his consciousness was "calibrated" and determined to be too low.

Bruce Kuhlman, 59, ... has filed a wrongful termination lawsuit in which he contends a man known only as "Dr. Dan" was brought in to "calibrate employees' consciousness."

"Deborah's goal was for Dr. Dan to improve plaintiff's consciousness or awareness level, which would bring him closer to God and make him a better worker," the lawsuit states. "In Deborah's view, the higher a person calibrated with Dr. Dan, the better employee they were because they were more 'spiritually evolved.'"

....The complaint alleges Kuhlman was discriminated against because of his age, gender and religion - and that the Santanas, longtime San Rafael residents, did not want to share proceeds of what was becoming a profitable line of their business.

....Kuhlman is asking for monetary damages for lost wages, emotional distress, unpaid overtime and for legal code violations, as well as punitive and other damages.

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