Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Don't Call Us...

We'll call you if we ever need any advice on how to withdraw an army while leaving all its equipment behind:

A senior British officer has criticised "shoulder-holster" American generals for trying to emulate film stars.

Brig Alan Sharpe, who worked alongside Americans in Baghdad, said there was a "strong streak of Hollywood" with officers trying to portray themselves as Sylvester Stallone or John Wayne.

.... Brig Sharpe, 46, who was awarded the OBE and the American Bronze Star for writing the "coalition campaign plan" for Iraq during a tour in Baghdad in 2004....

Good show old chap.

.... Arguing that the Army's 500 years of experience gave it a marked edge over the Americans in insurgency operations....

Such as the victories at Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts? Or, over Ghandi in India? Or, Menachim Begin in Palestine?

....Brig Sharpe gave the "last word" to an anecdote about a "subjugated Iraqi" just before his release from detention.

The Ba'athist was loudly lectured by an American officer, who was accompanied by a quiet British brigadier, on the dangers of returning to his "previously nefarious ways".

As the Iraqi left he said: "Hey, Mr American, next time before you shout so much you should speak to him. He is British - they know how to invade a country."

Alongside guys like Omar Bradley and George Patton?

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