Monday, April 17, 2006

We're from the government, and it'll be good for you

Say the politicians in Holland about public broadcasting:

AMSTERDAM — Dutch people don't want to pay the bill for advert-free public broadcast services, a new opinion poll suggests.

A survey carried out by TNS NIPO on behalf of television advertisement body 'Ster' found that 61 percent of the public feels it is acceptable to have product commercials on the three public channels (NED 1, NED 2 and NED 3).

If accurate, this is totally contrary to the views in parliament where a majority of MPs wants a gradual halt to adverts on public stations because they also receive State funding. MPs of the Liberal Party (VVD) are particularly keen to restrict adverts to commercial television channels. But according to the opinion poll, a majority of VVD voters don't share this convicion.

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