Thursday, November 02, 2006

Is there a prize?

Ala the John Bates Clark Medal for the best economist under the age of 18:

It was another appearance by Ingraham's mysterious underground candy salesman, a lanky, A- and B-average senior who has been defying the Seattle Public Schools' nutrition and solicitation policies for about a year. The Seattle Times agreed not to identify him, but around Ingraham, most teachers and administrators have looked the other way, anyway. Some buy from him.

After the district in 2005 implemented its policy banning junk food and sodas, school vending machines became a wasteland of granola bars, bottled water and baked chips.

The Candyman saw an opportunity.

"Just like prohibition in the '20s, when demand is high and supply is cut off, there are going to emerge black, parallel markets," he said. "High-schoolers need candy, especially in the morning."

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