Tuesday, November 14, 2006

License to Speak

Reviving the Danegeld?

Right-wing radio station Radio Holger has again run afoul of broadcasting authorities for its alleged racist programming. Despite having its licence revoked last week, the station continues to broadcast.

Radio Holger, which takes its name from Denmark's mythical guardian, had its licence suspended after failing to deliver a copy of a broadcast to the Radio and Television Board (RTB).

....Radio Holger broadcasts on a shared, public access frequency, making an immediate shut down of the station impossible.

'Unfortunately if we pull the plug on them, other stations that are broadcasting legally will also be shut off,' said Christian Scherfig, chairman of RTB. 'We could possibly seize the equipment through an injunction. Our legal advisor is investigating the possibility.'

RTB has since reported Radio Holger to the police, who will likely slap the station with a fine and possibly confiscate its broadcasting equipment.

....Radio Holger has had its licence revoked before. Should its broadcasting equipment be confiscated as a result of the current dispute, station spokesperson Kaj Wilhelmsen has pledged to move the station's broadcasts to the internet.

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