Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Spanish Socialist Squabble

Over terrorists' human rights:

Venezuela is to pay compensation of EUR 325,000 to two convicted ETA terrorists.

The Venezuelan government has also offered Venezuelan nationality to four other suspected ETA terrorists who are at present living there, which will shield them from extradition.

....The move brought a swift, angry response from Spain.

....The row started when lawyers for Sebastián Etxaniz and Juan Víctor Galarza claimed Venezuela was wrong to rule they should be handed over to the Spanish government.

....The Vasco Press news agency reported on Tuesday the government of Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez admitted its original ruling was wrong, would pay the compensation and grant both men Venezuelan nationality, which will make it harder for Spain to extradite them.

According to a document seen by the Vasco Press, Venezuela "accepted its responsibility for violating the rights of both Basque citizens".

It also said they had "agreed to an illegal deportation" of both ETA terrorists to Spain.
Etxaniz is serving 95 years in jail for three murders, while Galarza is free after completing three years in jail.

Caracas will pay Galzara EUR 132,000 and Etxainz is to get EUR 193,000 and his wife will receive EUR 750 index-linked every month.

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