Sunday, December 17, 2006

Too little suffering in Norway

This story reads like a post on Angry Bear:

Norwegian Labour and Welfare Organization (NAV) director Tor Saglie says that unemployment rates in many parts of Norway are now dangerously low.

Saglie presented the NAV prognosis for development in the labor market on Thursday, and the conclusion is that registered unemployment next year may dip under two percent.

Saglie is concerned that this figure is too low, and that weaker segments of society may find themselves locked out of jobs.

With less than 2% unemployment?

"We are dependent on having a certain amount of unemployment in order to have a well-functioning labor market. Low unemployment makes it difficult to start work-intensive projects and so creates a rigidity in the economy," Saglie said.

Perhaps not so suprising in a country where they find Voting Under the Influence a problem:

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