Friday, February 29, 2008

First, Do No Harm

Second, do no Britain's National Health Service:
A Conservative peer has delivered a devastating attack on nurses who looked after him during a stay in hospital ....

....When I was taken ill I was taken to an accident and emergency place in a West Country hospital.

"I can only tell you that it is a miracle that I am still alive. The wards were filthy. Underneath the bed where I was, there lay a piece of dirty cotton wool and it remained there for several days. The ward was never cleaned.

"It was a gastroenterology ward with lots people with very unpleasant infectious diseases. Neither the ward, nor the tables, nor the beds, nor the bathrooms were cleaned.

"I was extremely infectious at that time but they took no precautions with me at all. They were furious when my wife wanted my bed cleaned when it clearly needed cleaning.

"It was appalling. The nurses - probably the most important people in this very complex area - were an accurate reflection of many young women in Britain today."

Lord Mancroft, 50, said he was eventually "kidnapped" from the hospital by his wife, and transferred to the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in west London where he received "wonderful" treatment from the nurses.

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