Monday, February 18, 2008

Hooray for Hostagewood

Those malcontented French employees strike again:
French tyre-maker Michelin reported on Friday a 35.3 percent surge in 2007 net profit as workers at a company factory in eastern France scheduled to be shut down next year were holding two managers at the site.

....the company on Friday was confronted with a stand-off in the eastern French town of Toul, where disgruntled workers were holding two managers at a plant that Michelin plans to close next year with the loss of 826 jobs.

The two managers, the social relations director and the head of personnel, have been prevented from leaving the plant since Thursday morning following a meeting with union representatives on personnel measures that would accompany the plant closure, sources at the scene said.

A Michelin spokesman said early on Friday that the men had "passed the night in the room and are still there." Production has been sharply reduced since Wednesday night when a pile of tyres was set alight in front of the facility.

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