Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Getting Up for the Olympics

And other big games:
Viagra dilates blood vessels to take more blood to the penis and thus improve a man's sexual performance. However, experts think the same process takes more oxygen and nutrients to muscles and can be a non-negligible aide in explosive disciplines like sprinting

....Like Viagra, Cialis is used to treat erectile dysfunction. According to some experts in sport, its use helps performance at high altitude and with high pollution.

Beijing, the city where the 2008 Olympics are set to be held in August, features significant pollution levels, to the point that Ethiopian Haile Gebrselassie declined to run the marathon there.

....Viagra has a great advantage for sports professionals: it is legal, it is not a banned substance.

....The effects of Viagra in high-performance sports have been the object of debate for a long time."

Scientifically, the only proof that Viagra improves sports performance happened at high altitude. That is why it was decided not to include it in the list," the Brazilian Eduardo de Rose, president of the medical commission of the Pan-American Sports Organization (PASO), told dpa."You will hardly get to play a football match on Mount Everest," he graphically concluded.

Such an effect at high altitude led Israel to study giving its Air Force pilots pills similar to Viagra, so that they perform better on board their fighter planes. In turn, a group of Argentine scientists proved that hamsters that have taken Sildenafil can recover 50 per cent faster from jet-lag after a long flight.

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