Thursday, July 31, 2008

If the mountain won't come to Mohammed

Ship his sports car to London:
A wealthy Arab sent his 'Batman' Lamborghini on a 6,500 mile round-trip to London for an oil change - at a cost of more than £23,000.

The £190,000 vehicle travelled on a scheduled flight from Qatar to Heathrow, and was flown back to the Middle East after the service.

The Murcielago LP640, a two-seater coupe, features in the latest Batman film The Dark Knight.

....According to reports, the black and gold car cost £3,552 to service at an approved dealer, plus around £20,000 to freight to Britain and back.

....Friends of the Earth transport campaigner Richard Dyer said the trip was "ludicrous".

"We urge the individual to get their car serviced closer to home," he added.

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