Thursday, July 17, 2008

Short for Fanatic

Dying to be at the game:
...supporters of a German club are the latest to be invited to extend their loyalty further with the opening of a cemetery reserved just for them.

Hamburg HSV [Hamburger Sport-Verein] has opened a specially designated cemetery within earshot of its Nordbank arena where fans can be buried in club colors on a soccer stand-shaped lawn reached via a goal-shaped entrance.

Club organizers say the 100,000 euro (US$159,000) scheme, financed by the supporters’ club and sponsors, is open to all fans regardless of age and offers burial contracts of 2,500 euros payable over 25 years.

The idea for the cemetery, which can take up to 500 graves, came after repeated requests from fans wanting to have their ashes scattered on the pitch of the Bundesliga club.

But as the scattering of ashes is illegal in Germany, the concept of offering burial plots close to HSV’s stadium was born.

Boca Juniors in Buenos Aires, Argentina, has a similar scheme, although not within earshot of its stadium.

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