Monday, March 14, 2005

Keep This In Mind Next July 4th

And be grateful the Sons of Liberty prevailed with the shot heard round the world:

EX-BAY City Rollers manager Tam Paton has been stripped of his licence to rent out several city centre properties after being branded an "unfit" landlord.

The move comes after the controversial millionaire was ordered to appear before Edinburgh City Council’s licensing committee.

It is understood police claimed Paton’s drug conviction made him "unfit" to hold a licence.

Councillors agreed and suspended his licence for six bedsits he rents out in the West End. He has also had permission to rent out rooms at his mansion in Gogarburn removed.

Bedsit is short for bed sitting room, a very British accomodation usually only big enough for a single bed, a chair, closet, hot plate and sink--bathroom down the hall if you're lucky.

Bad enough that the government has the ability to deny someone --in this case, an elderly, disabled, homosexual--the right to earn a living renting out his own property, but guess who else loses:

If the sheriff upholds the city council’s decision, Paton’s tenants face eviction.

"They are taking away roofs from over people’s heads," added Paton.

"I’m going to appeal, which gives them another few months before they put people out on the streets."

Paton claimed that two of the four people living at his Little Kellerstain mansion are carers who he needs to look after him following his stroke, which has left him paralysed down the left side of his body.

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