Monday, March 07, 2005

Una Revista de Muy Molesta Muchacha III

In which we find a babe even Donald Trump can't tolerate:

This week's task: Design and operate a miniature golf course. The team who made the most money operating the mini course for one day would win. Magna nailed it, posting earnings of $508 to Net Worth's sad $304.

From the start, Net Worth was in total conflict and as a result did not have a prayer of winning. In sharp contrast, team Magna had gelled and showed no sign of conflict.

Net Worth's team conflict centered on Audrey and John who had an emotional, childish exchange.

In the end, Donald Trump fired Audrey, the drama queen, telling her, "You never take any responsibility yourself, and no one from your team respected you -- not even your best friend. Oftentimes, beauty just doesn't do it. Audrey, you're fired."

Trump then went on to congratulate himself, "Well, at least they can't say I picked the best-looking one."

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