Monday, March 07, 2005

Una Revista de Muy Molesta Muchacha II

Fat, Dumb, and Unhappy, sounds like something less than the best revenge:

Kirstie Alley's bathroom is fit for royalty, what with its sunken tub, gleaming stone tiles, the expansive vanity decorated by a vase of peacock feathers. As the camera pans past all this opulence to the throne, we see Alley's noticing none of it. The actress is dejectedly slumped in a frumpy, flowing bathrobe and staring at her mortal enemy -- the scale.

Rising slowly, with lilting music from a string ensemble playing in the background, she gingerly steps her Ugg-booted feet on the device.

"Ohoooo ... my ... GAWD!!! Aw haw! Ayyyy! Why, God, WHYEEEEE?"

A tragic way to launch an unscripted comedy, but then, what did you expect? This is "Fat Actress," Alley's half-hour Showtime comedy debuting Monday night at 10, and the "Cheers" star's way of attempting to mix comeback with payback.

...."Fat Actress" Alley's relationship with herself is an ongoing slugfest between anger, depression, acceptance and flat-out delusion, with plenty of side adventures into unchecked hedonism.

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