Monday, February 06, 2006

Blue (Man Group) Monday

In Seattle, it's sick of referees day, so at least there's a legit excuse:

Today, the first Monday in February, is "national sickie day" - when bosses are most likely to discover that staff have stayed at home.

The main reasons, a poll says, are likely to be increasing workload combined with a dissatisfaction with the perceived small amount of holiday entitlement employees are given.

Unwilling to sacrifice a paid holiday day so soon in the year, workers are apparently resorting to less official options.

Psychologists say that post-Christmas blues, burn-out and the seemingly distant summer all contribute to people needing to take a "home holiday".

The survey of more than 4,000 full-time employees for Sky Travel found that seven people in 10 would choose a Monday for a sneaky day off and that most opted for the first Monday in February.

Almost one in five considers it "appropriate" to tell the boss by text message.

Those who choose to face their managers employ their acting skills, with 28 per cent pretending to cough and splutter in the office before their sick day and 55 per cent carrying on with the act after their return.

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