Thursday, February 02, 2006

Got Plenty of Mutton?

Here's the man with plenty of time on his hands to sell it for you:

Prince Charles is launching a special club dedicated to mutton.

Charles's new industry-wide organisation has been set up to bring together those who produce, process and sell the meat.

Mutton has undergone a revival in the food industry since the heir to the throne began championing it several years ago.

The Mutton Renaissance Club will gather at the Ritz for its first meeting - a black tie dinner to sample some of the mutton dishes on offer.

....It follows on from the Mutton Renaissance Campaign - a joint effort by the National Sheep Association and the Academy of Culinary Arts launched by the Prince two years ago to put the meat back on the menu.

Earlier this week, Charles cited mutton as his favourite food when asked by a group of school children.

"It's an older type of sheep. When I was your age I lived off mutton and I can't tell you how wonderful caper sauce is," he told them.

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