Friday, February 10, 2006

Head Cold; Moscow Nights

A combination that was lucky for a hapless thief:

A man who attempted to rob a taxi has survived after the driver stabbed him in the head with a knife.

Samuit Ibragimov, 23, took a taxi and demanded cash from the driver threatening him with a gas gun. However, the driver snapped up a folding knife and stabbed the hapless robber in the head, the Moskovsky Komsomolets daily reported on Friday.

Ibragimov rushed out of the taxi with the knife still stuck in his head and was noticed by a police patrol. However, policemen were unable to detain him immediately. The man was hiding from the police about half an hour. He even got frostbite on his fingers because outdoor temperatures in Moscow have fallen to almost to —30 Celcius in recent days.

Finally, Ibragimov was caught and taken to hospital. The surprised surgeon drew out the knife very slowly after fixing the patient’s carotid. The knife was stabbed 10 centimeters deep but did not hit the brain nor blood vessels.

The physicians quoted by the paper explained that the heavy frost had not let the blood vessels widen. Now, Ibragimov is safe.

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