Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The British are coming...

...and adapting our ways!

“Not only have you stolen ‘our’ Olympic Games, you are also shamelessly occupying our towns and countryside,” writes José-Alain Fralon, author of Help, the English are Invading Us, which is shortly to go on sale.

....Fralon cites villages such as Couesmes Vauce in the Loire Valley — where the local bar has just fallen to a Brit — as among those in peril. So great is the influx of Britons that the French cricket league is thriving.

.... “From Dunkirk to Perpignan, from La Rochelle to Chambéry, the English are invading.”

....Although they are, by and large, welcomed as a boost to often depressed regions — and property values — the arrival of “les rosbifs” in ever greater concentrations is also provoking resentment.

Fralon suspects that history might come to regard January 20, 2006, as the date upon which the Movement for the Liberation of Périgord began. On that day, to widespread indignation, it was reported that 60 foreigners — Britons living in Périgord — had fraudulently claimed unemployment benefit.

Not all the locals applauded this as a signal of healthy British integration.

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