Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Call Us Unemployable

Throw in uneducable too.

But, the French, they're not an unpredictable race:

US commentators, beginning with The Wall Street Journal, see the bitter protests over the new youth employment law in France as a sign of decline, even though job protection in the United States is minimal at best.

Only union members, who make up 12.5 percent of the workforce, have their employment protected by labor contracts. Federal and state government employees also enjoy a measure of job security, but they represent 16 percent of the US workforce.

...they can be laid off practically at a day's notice with no justification and with practically no legal recourse....

A low unemployment rate -- 4.8 percent in February -- is the chief argument of those who advocate deregulating the job market. However, it conceals a huge social disparity, with 16.1 percent of under-20s and 9.5 percent of blacks lacking jobs.

As opposed to the French unemployment rate for the young of 25%, or the young Muslim rate of over 40%?

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