Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Dos Equis for beer

The great Counterfeit Condom Caper is busted:

A health warning has been issued after fake condoms were found in a shop.

Packets of "Durexx Gossamer" were seized by trading standards from a shop in Walsall, near Birmingham.

The fakes are copies of a variety of condoms made by the well-known brand Durex.

Shoppers are being warned not to be misled by the extra "x" on the packet as the counterfeits have not passed British safety regulations.

John Beavon, Walsall Council trading standards manager, said: "This is potentially very serious. A brief glance at this packet and people may well be taken in but they are counterfeit.

"A simple check is for people to look for an extra 'x' on the packet. If it says 'Durexx', it's not an innocent misprint - they are fake."

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