Monday, January 08, 2007

Eurocare Espanol

Say again:

MADRID — A 67-year-old woman lost 80 percent of her hearing after waiting nine years for treatment for an ear problem, it was reported on Monday.

The woman, from Madrid, was told in 1991 she should have an operation to stop the problem caused by a perforated eardrum.

But she had to wait until 2000 for the operation, by which time she had lost 80 percent of her hearing, El Pais newspaper reported

The woman, named only as J. V. is one of five people who have been paid a total of EUR 1.2 million in compensation by Madrid health authorities for failure in care.

In the case of this woman who lost her hearing, she was paid only EUR 18,000.

In another case, a woman suffered brain damage through lack of care.

Another patient re-mortgaged their house rather than be treated in a public hospital where doctors wanted to amputate her leg, after undergoing two operations for a broken ankle.

The paper reports patients, doctors and lawyers have noted a rise in cases of this kind.

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