Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Sizing them up

Though la Madrilena above looks pretty healthy to us, it's good to know that the Spanish clothing industry wants to produce products people could actually use:

MADRID — The government and fashion industry are to unite to find what size Spanish women really are in a bid to combat obsessive dieting by teenagers.

They are to measure 8,500 women between 12 and 70 years old throughout Spain over 12 months.

The results will be used to make clothes to fit real Spanish women and to end the confusion over clothes sizes.

Mannequins in shops will then be made to no less than a size 38 and the upper size 46 is not to be considered anything special.

It is also intended to try to end the obsessive slimming by teenage and young women desperate to fit into dresses which are lower than size 38.

But their hearts don't seem to be really in it:

Because of a lack of any industry norm, a size 38 may be completely different from one shop to another.

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