Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Finny, That

They're fond of the swastika:
In Finland, the public is supporting its war heroes with a silver swastika ring.

In most countries, the swastika is forever linked to the horrors of Hitler's regime, but for centuries in Finland it has been a symbol of good luck - during the Second World War, Finnish military aircraft even sported blue swastikas as they fought the Nazis.

So when the Finnish War Veterans Association sought a new way of raising funds for the nation's 80,000 Second World War veterans, the obvious choice was a replica of its 1940 Air Defence ring, complete with swastika, rosette and stylised wings.

"We thought they would make great Christmas presents for men, or for young people if their grandparents fought in the war," said Pia Mikkonen, the head of the Finnish Veterans' Association.

She added that sales had not been as strong as she would have liked.

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