Thursday, December 06, 2007

Stay Home and Bake Cookies, Mon Cheri

France has no fury like a Socialist leader scorned:
France's Socialist leader Francois Hollande fired back Wednesday at his former partner Segolene Royal, who in a new book accuses the party of sabotaging her presidential election bid, saying she had only herself to blame.

Royal, 54, who was defeated by Nicolas Sarkozy in the May presidential race, returned to the political fray with the publication Tuesday of a tell-all book, accusing Hollande and other Socialist heavyweights of betraying her.

"There is no point trying to find blame with other people. It is better to look at what one might have done better, based on the role and the place one held," Hollande told reporters.

In her election memoir entitled "My Greatest Story Is You", Royal attacks senior party colleagues who "had sworn to crush" her, and says she got no support from Hollande, the father of her four children.

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