Monday, April 23, 2007

Bataille Royal

It's Nick v. Sego in the runoff. And, it's a choice not an echo:

The two contenders for the French presidency say the work ethic is vital to boosting growth and jobs, but while right-winger Nicolas Sarkozy prefers market-driven measures Socialist Segolene Royal favours state intervention.

....To spur hiring and boost incomes, Sarkozy would scrap payroll tax and social charges on overtime pay, thereby circumventing the 35-hour working week that was brought in by a Socialist government.

Furthermore, people who turn down work could lose their unemployment benefits under his plans.

Royal proposes lifting the minimum monthly wage from 1,250 euros to 1,500 euros (1,900 dollars) over a period of five years. She would create 500,000 state-backed "stepping stone" jobs for youths, seniors and long-term unemployed.

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