Wednesday, April 04, 2007

It's Not Easy Being Green

When Fidel weighs in:

Writing in the Granma newspaper, Mr Castro said a US drive to back crop use for fuels would raise prices and cause more hunger in developing countries.

....In Wednesday's column, Reflections of The Commander-in-Chief, Mr Castro criticised President Bush's plan to increase the use of foodstuffs like corn for fuel to run cars.

He said Mr Bush had "declared his intention to apply this formula on a world scale, which means none other than the internationalisation of genocide".

....Mr Castro wrote that dozens of nations do not have oil and cannot produce corn or other grains to make ethanol because they lack water.

The surge in demand for corn would push up grain prices while the threat of a US invasion of Iran keeps oil prices high, he wrote.

He asked: "Where are the poor countries of the Third World going to get the minimum resources to survive?"

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