Thursday, November 03, 2005

My what big teeth you burglars have

If governors aren't safe, why should movie stars be:

Brad Pitt, his lover Angelina Jolie and her two adopted children narrowly escaped a vicious bear attack when the beasts broke into the actor's new Canadian holiday home.

The couple came face-to-face with two huge grizzlies after they found their way into Brad's kitchen and began rummaging for food.

The heartthrob actor returned to his home, near Calgary, accompanied by Angelina and her two children Maddox and Zahara to be confronted by the massive animals.

The quick-thinking star ushered the children and Angelina out of the house before telephoning police to report the marauding animals.

A source told America's National Enquirer magazine: "Brad was convinced he had surprised burglars but suddenly came upon these two bears.

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