Monday, November 14, 2005

There's something about Mary...

...that the Fly Under the Bridge Academy Committee on Conduct Becoming Officers and Gentlemen is guessing would cause one to reconsider the adage about not hitting a girl:

EMILY WILL, COURT-CERTIFIED EXAMINER: I found problems with the printing itself, as to whether it could have been produced by a typewriter.


KURTZ: Emily Will now has a Web site in which she takes issue with parts of your book, Mary Mapes, calling references to her, at least, inaccurate and totally false.

My point is not whether she's right or wrong. My point is, why didn't you hit the brakes after some of your document experts raised these questions?

MAPES: I think you're completely misinterpreting what was said. I mean, Howard, you were one of the people that had one of what I thought was the most serious problem originally understanding the whole concept of document authentication. You used the word "authenticate" as if it meant 100 percent assurance, which is really -- that's really what it means. But there is a difference between that and vouching for the documents.

Not '100 percent', but the laws of probability do allow conclusions to be drawn with high levels of confidence. And the conclusion that comes from viewing this demonstration of the consonance of one the CBS memoes with Microsoft Word's defaults is that it was not typed on any 1970's era typewriter.

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