Monday, December 19, 2005

Air Ditz

Great moment in self-unawareness last night on Q&A:

[Brian] LAMB: What is that story, once and for all, the story of you just leaving the Air Force?

[Randi] RHODES: I did just leave.

LAMB: Just walk out the door? Where were you?

RHODES: Here‘s what happened. ....this guy and I, I kind of fell in love with this guy. And so he said, we have to leave, we have to leave. They‘re never going to do anything for you. ....

LAMB: But you didn‘t go AWOL.

RHODES: No. I went Palace Chase. And so the deal then was if you were 100 miles away from your reserve base, you would go to one drill and they would tell you when you had to come back. And they would tell me, you don‘t have to. So I got an honorable discharge and that was it.

Later in the interview came:

LAMB: Does your audience like it when you say the president lies?

RHODES: Yes. ....And yet the president lied about the one thing that we always believed as an American -- it was sort of an America compact, we all lie about politics. George will lie about whether or not he served his full term in the Texas Air National Guard.

You know, it‘s painful to say he didn‘t serve the whole thing and he didn‘t do it the best and you weren‘t a general or you didn‘t make office or whatever. It‘s hard to do that, but it‘s honest to do that.

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