Monday, December 05, 2005

With the forecast calling for snow during tonight's Eagles-Seahawks game, will the Governor of Pennsylvania make another wager:

The politician was on their left, wearing a powder blue ski cap that said Finland on it. Brosz heard the hooligans refer to him once or twice as Ed. He looked closer.

Ed Rendell.

You know him. Former district attorney, perennial candidate. Ran for governor. Ran for mayor.
Brosz says the snowball throwing got nastier. One of the four rowdies hit No. 15 for the Cowboys.

"Right between the shoulder blades," says Brosz, who started looking around for security guards.

He couldn't find anybody. But he thought Rendell, the city's former chief law enforcement
official, might take action. He did.

"Rendell says to this one guy, 'I'll bet you $20 you can't reach the field. ' I couldn't believe it."
So the guy loads a good one. He winds up, lets it rip. A howitzer.

"It lands at the feet of the back judge - the same referee who got hit in the head earlier," Brosz says.

"Rendell pulls out his wallet, rips out a 20 and pays the guy."

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