Monday, February 19, 2007

Parent Trap

They don't ask, 'Who's your daddy?' at Spanish pageants, only 'Who's the mommy?':

MADRID - A beauty pageant which disqualified the winner because she has a child has caused a national political row.

Angela Bustillo won the Miss Cantabria beauty contest, but later lost her crown after it was revealed she was the mother of a young child.

Bustillo is to appeal against the decision and intends to sue the organisers.

She claims male contestants for the Mr Cantabria contest, who had children, suffered no such "discrimination".

She gained an important ally on Monday in the form of Soledad Murillo, the minister for political equality, who appealed for the organisers to reverse the decision.

Murillo said the government considered the company which organised the tournament, Propulsora MontaƱesa S.A., were guilty of a "clear case of discrimination and no private company is exempt".

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