Tuesday, February 27, 2007

a votre sante

Buying votes in France:

Nicolas Sarkozy has indicated he might lift a ban on advertising wine on French TV and in cinemas if he wins April's presidential elections.

During a rally, the centre-right candidate said he supports advertising for "moderate wine consumption". Commercials were banned in 1991.

Competition and a fall in domestic sales have hit France's wine industry.

Mr Sarkozy is currently running neck-and-neck with Socialist rival Segolene Royal in the opinion polls.

....He also promised to protect French wine producers, vowing to bar from the market imported wines which fail to match the domestic wines' quality.

In the last few years, French wine producers have been challenged by imports of "New World" wines, mainly from Australia, United States and Chile, while younger people have started opting for alternative alcoholic beverages.

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