Monday, February 26, 2007

Speaking Truth to the Clueless

The Raw Story ventures to the belly of the beast who is the #1 name in Plameology, Tom Maguire:

BB: If you had to characterize the evolution of all of this in a few sentences, what would your narrative look like?

TM: Wilson lied, Libby was tried!

In response to a question about the left’s ‘Ahabism’ in pursuit of the Great White Republican:

BB: What about the buildup to the outting? Do you buy the account--in Marcy Wheeler's book for instance--about the cooked Niger history? How would you tell that part of the story.

TM: Let's just say that Ms. Wheeler and others of my friends on the left have developed some fascinating theories of varying degrees of plausibility, as have I. However, when I encounter a five thousand word post titled "The Niger Forgeries, Part 8", my eyes glaze over and my knees buckle. Call it a character flaw. Can I wait for the movie?

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