Thursday, February 01, 2007

You've Got Mail

From your wife. The former topless actress. To the editor of a newspaper that hates your guts, complaining that you are an old dog up to new tricks with babes that resemble her when she was young.

And you're the richest man in Italy, as well as the country's former Prime Minister.

La Dolce Vita:

Silvio Berlusconi was forced to issue a grovelling public apology to his wife last night after she accused the former Italian prime minister of chatting up other women.

....In a letter in the anti-Berlusconi newspaper La Repubblica, headlined "My husband owes me a public apology", the 50-year-old former actress said that she had been forced to take action because Mr Berlusconi, 20 years her senior, had failed to apologise in private after flirting with at least three women at an awards ceremony last week.

The enraged Miss Lario claimed that the billionaire media tycoon had deployed chat-up lines such as "if I wasn't already married I would marry you right away" and "with you I'd go anywhere".

....The couple met and married 20 years ago after Mr Berlusconi was entranced by Miss Lario's charms as she appeared topless on stage in a play in Milan.

The women Mr Berluconi is reported to have spoken to at the event last week include two female MPs from his Forza Italia party, Micaela Biancofiore and Mara Carfagna. Miss Carfagna, 29, also a former beauty queen and topless model, said: "I'd have said yes straight away but he's married and he's not my age."

Another of the women involved was the Venezuelan-born model and television presenter Aida Yespica. It was reported that Mr Berlusconi told her: "With you I would go anywhere, even a desert island."

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