Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Keep the Changer

In jail...til they can find out who he is, and what he was up to:

A man who handed over a counterfeit million-dollar bill to a cashier at a Pittsburgh supermarket and asked for change has been arrested.

Police told the BBC the man became abusive when a manager at the Giant Eagle store confiscated the fake note.

He broke an electronic funds-transfer machine at the counter and reached for a scanner gun, said police.
There is no real US bill worth $1m (£490,000). Since 1969, the $100 note has been the highest in circulation.

....After refusing to give his name to police, the suspect, who was not carrying identification, was charged with forgery and criminal mischief.

....Police are investigating whether the bogus note was among a batch distributed last year as a publicity stunt by a Dallas-based religious ministry.

Not that he was an original.

A US woman has been charged with forgery after trying to use a fake $1 million bill at a supermarket.

Alice Pike, 35, pulled out the note at a Georgia Wal-Mart store to pay for $1,672 worth of goods and asked for change, police said.

The cashier immediately noticed the bill - bearing the picture of the Statue of Liberty - was fake and called her manager who alerted the police.

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