Thursday, October 04, 2007

Watering Heights

4 b-rms, vu, 4 sale:

Just two miles from Blackheath, in ...south-east London, a converted Victorian water tower has recently come onto the market....

A product of the late Victorian drive to bring clean water to the surrounding area, today the tower is being marketed as a super-smart four-bedroom home.

...the tower contains eight storeys, negating any need for a home gym.

Each floor holds one room only: the largest measures just over 12ft long by 10ft wide....

...if any aspect of the property could prompt agent hyperbole it is the tower's crowning glory, the glass observatory. Unsuitable for the vertiginous, the far-reaching views are best enjoyed from the balcony, which wraps around the tower.

....The observatory has been fashioned into a cosy living space complete with cocktail area, plasma screen TV and low sofas, making it the ultimate pulling pad to entice any damsel keen on letting her hair down à la Rapunzel.

For owner Alan Rowell, who developed the tower as a commercial venture, this is his favourite spot: "It's just so relaxing and is a great chill-out room." Alan Rowell took on the tower conversion after being inspired by an architect's vision, but admits that it was not the most financially successful of projects.

"It has been challenging and difficult but it's also been a lot of fun and I'm really proud to have done it," he says.

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