Thursday, May 24, 2007

Anti-Groom Discrimination...

In Barcelona, they need not apply, apparently:

MADRID - A wedding shop that bills itself as Europe's first for gays is to open in Barcelona next week.

The shop called By, in Barcelona's commercial district, is aimed at giving gay couples a specialized place to purchase outfits and accessories for their big day.

''It's a unique concept in Europe,'' owner Santiago Porrero said in a telephone interview on Wednesday. ''Each bridegroom is different, so the most important aspect is different for everyone,'' said Porrero. The shop is to open on May 30, coinciding with a fashion show called Barcelona Bride Week.

Porrero said gay couples in his shop will be able to buy from a set collection or have a tailor-made suit, all envisioned for their wedding, from daylight to night ceremonies, in the city or at the countryside or even on the beach.

''It can be as varied and original as a bride's dress,'' he said. ''What happens is that bride businesses are much more developed, but we are also making progress,'' he said.

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