Thursday, May 17, 2007

Socialize; Medicine

Even in the land of Mao, medical care isn't free:

A woman in China has offered to marry off her cancer-stricken mother to anyone who can pay her medical bills.

Du Chunmei says she cannot afford the $6,000 of treatment and believes it is the only way to save her mother's life.

She has put an advert online saying: "I post this message in desperation. If anyone could pay for my mother's treatment, I'll marry her to you."

....Mrs Du, 31, told the BBC how she and her brothers had spent their savings when their father fell ill two years ago.

....In the past 20 years the cost of medical treatment has risen sharply, but the social security system has fallen behind.

As a result, poorer people in China have found it hard to get proper hospital treatment.

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