Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Can He Cover, 'Welcome Back'

Nicolas Sarkozy has his first immigrant success story:

Veteran rocker Johnny Hallyday, France's answer to Elvis, will return from tax exile in Switzerland now that his tax-cutting friend Nicolas Sarkozy has been elected president, his wife said Tuesday.

"Nicolas Sarkozy's policies will certainly lead us to come back to France," Laetitia Hallyday told RTL radio.

....Johnny Hallyday is one of a string of famous French nationals who have upped sticks in order to avoid the country's high taxes.

....The number of French people who move abroad, often quietly, to escape burdensome income and wealth taxes was estimated at "one per day" by a member of Sarkozy's UMP party who oversees budget questions in parliament.

Other French personalities who live abroad include actor Alain Delon, actor/singer Charles Aznavour, former formula one champion Alain Prost and tennis champion Amelie Mauresmo.

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